Connect and build with founders, operators, and supporters in climate tech

On Deck Climate Tech (ODCT) is a continuous community for people to come together to build, join, or support revolutionary climate tech startups.

Apply now
Onboarding is done in intimate cohorts every 3 months. Apply by October 2nd to join the next onboarding cohort kicking off on October 23rd.

Connect with a community passionate about creating impactful climate solutions

Our members are builders, operators, and supporters working on frontier ideas in climate tech. They come from diverse backgrounds and they all share a strong spirit of service,
a belief that startups can push the boundaries of traditional climate, and a desire to build, join or support startups to do so.


Build your company from the ground up, grow your network, and hire your early team, surrounded by your climate tech community.
Arnav Mariwala
Co-founder, | BD Strategist
Etosha Cave
Cass Xia
Ex Google Engineer | Founder
Ryan Allard
Former Senior Fellow - Transport and Buildings
Aina Abiodun
Former CEO
Peter Light
Kathleen Egan
Sedale Turbovsky
Michael Keating
Jason Aramburu


Develop your value-add and build your network in climate tech, whether you’re an investor, scientist, or a thought-leader in the climate tech space.
Clea Kolster
Director of Science
Sierra Peterson
Climate Investor
Tommy Leep
Angel, writer of The Breeze, Consultant
Jamie Alexander
Director, Drawdown Labs
Monica Varman
Venture investor
Aaron Bell
Climate AI
Stefano Bernardi
Planet+ Investor

Exchange ideas with the best in climate tech

Join a diverse set of practitioners and thinkers dedicated to building impactful solutions to climate change.

Supportive community

Get the support you need to achieve your goals from a close-knit community of climate tech builders, joiners, and advisors.

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

Learn how to navigate the evolving climate tech landscape, changing regulations and emerging technologies through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Navigate the climate tech ecosystem supported by intimate masterminds with trusted peers

Growing alone can be tough. The ODCT community is a place for confidential, meaningful conversations. You’ll get invaluable support from a network of capable peers who understand the challenges you face and want to see you succeed in reaching your individual goals.

Regular check-ins

Join your "Crew" for weekly small group conversations with others who are at similar stages of their climate tech journeys

First-hand advice

Work through your challenges in a supportive environment and get practical tips and guidelines from individuals who’ve been in similar situations

Meaningful connections

Develop deep relationships with talented peers from around the world that will last far beyond your learning groups

Access industry specific content you won’t find anywhere else

Acquire climate tech-specific frameworks, knowledge, and skills via thematic deep dives from experts, live tactical sessions from industry practitioners and an extensive library of content.

Thematic deep-dives from experts

Regularly expand and refresh your knowledge on variety of in-demand and relevant industry topics that you can apply immediately to your day-to-day

High Signal Sessions With Industry’s Best

Join intimate deep dives and fireside sessions with top guests

Ever-growing Library Of Content

Enjoy ongoing access to a database of recorded sessions so you can learn on your own schedule
Catalytic Capital in Climate Tech with Amy Duffuor
Amy Duffor
Prime Impact Fund
Climate Investing with Albert Wenger of USV
Albert Wenger
Union Square Ventures
Grand Challenges of Deep Decarbonization
Shayle Kann
Energy Impact Partners
Fireside chat with Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben
Climate Policy with Kate Gordon
Kate Gordon
Governor's Office of Planning and Research
Deep Tech with Emily Reichert
Emily Reichert
Greentown Labs

Our speakers are top builders, operators, and supporters in climate tech, including:

Todd Allen
Chair and Professor of of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
University of Michigan
Josh Felser
Ilan Gur
Caroline Hickman
Climate Psychologist
Kamal Kapadia
Erin Burns
Executive Director
Brad Ack
Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer
Ocean Visions
Saul Griffith
Founder, OtherLab
Founder, Rewiring America
Clay Dumas
Lowercarbon Capital
Heidi Lindvall
General Partner
Pale Blue Dot

Everything you need to make an impact in climate tech, for years to come

On Deck Climate Tech is a life-long community with a 7-week immersive onboarding to help you build lasting relationships from Day 1.
Application Process
Fill out the application form to be considered for the ODCT Fellowship
We review each application, putting special emphasis on our core values
Successful candidates will be invited to interview with an ODCT team member
7-Week Onboarding
Welcome aboard! The next 7 weeks is an opportunity to get immersed into the community and learn how to navigate On Deck to achieve your goals for the years ahead!
Attend kick-off and orientation sessions
Meet up with your curated connections
Select a track based on
your goals
Join community mixers and build connections with your climate tech tribe

Life-long Community

The onboarding was just the beginning! Once complete, you can officially start benefiting from ongoing access to everything your ODCT membership has to offer
Educational tracks designed and led by leaders you know and respect
Signature sessions with world-class speakers
Access to the On Deck Directory
Social and networking events
Small group and 1:1 mentorship
Curated connections with other members
Mastermind sessions with trusted peers
Opportunity to explore other options within the On Deck ecosystem

Ready to apply?

Join climate tech experts at companies and organizations like BlocPower, Tesla, and US Department of Energy in a life-long, invite-only community. The ODCT membership is $2,990 (or four installments of $750) for most Fellows and $1,490 for those finishing PhDs. Payment plans are available.


Learn the fundamentals of building a climate tech company from the ground up
  • De-risk your startup
  • Develop innovative IP
  • Understand the fundraising landscape in climate tech


Understand how to navigate your career as a climate tech operator
  • Build a career in climate tech
  • Discover how you want to make an impact in the climate space
  • Choose your next opportunity wisely


Develop your climate tech value-add and build your network
  • Identify early deals and companies you would like to advise
  • Identify frontier themes in climate tech
  • Push the industry forward with your expertise

Read stories from our alumni

How We Started a Part-Time Climate-Focused Angel Syndicate
"We talked about the On Deck fellowship and thought that it would help us improve our value-adds for our syndicate. We would be able to add more Climate-focused experts to our network, while also improving our own operational understanding of the field."
How we co-founded bluemethane through the On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship
"The access to people, experts and the expertise has saved us a lot of time in doing research and outreach just by centralizing a lot of knowledge in one place. Given Climate Change is such a broad problem to be tackling, Nestor and I had about 100 areas that we weren’t experts in (grant funding, intellectual property, etc.)."

Here’s what other Fellows have been saying about their ODCT experience

"On Deck Climate Tech is one of the best showcases of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and skill sets coming together to collaborate and work on solutions to the biggest crisis of our time."

Clea Kolster, PhD, Director of Science, Lowercarbon Capital

"ODCT is overwhelming, but in a positive way! So many ideas, meaningful connections, new things to learn! Couldn’t recommend enough."

Silvia Pugliese, PhD, Marie-Curie Early Stage Researcher

"ODCT catalyzed my climate tech journey, accelerating my learning, helping me grow a strong community, and increasing my determination to have an impact on the challenge of our generation."

Chloe Harford, Founding team of Zillow, Board Director and Advisor

“ODCT has opened tons of doors for me. I’ve had the chance to speak to leading scientists, policy makers, and other founders that have helped me push my business forward - all because of On Deck."

Josh Santos, Co-Founder/CEO, Noya

“My knowledge of the climate tech world rapidly evolved during the On Deck Climate Tech fellowship. Connecting to founders, investors and other stakeholders opened my eyes and allowed me to dive into a more diverse set of opportunities to pursue in my future journey.”

Tobias Egle, Harvard Engineering PhD candidate, Founder

“The convening power of ODCT is incredible. Not only do we have access to the brightest minds at the forefront of the climate transition, but every single fellow is a superstar in their own right.”

Phil De Luna, Director, National Research Council of Canada

Designed and led by climate advocates and community experts

Candice Ammori
Program Director
Jack Fritzinger
Program Manager
María Jimena Sánchez
Program Associate
Donte' Verrill-Huffman
Program Associate
Arielle Tannenbaum
Program Partner


What is the goal of On Deck Climate Tech?

Many great entrepreneurs and technologists want to help solve the paramount problem of our times, but they often don't know where to start or who to talk to. And many climate tech experts want to build companies alongside entrepreneurial talent. But right now, their communities are generally siloed with little overlap. This Fellowship bridges that gap.

ODCT brings together 150 startup and climate experts and helps them navigate the complex regulatory, funding and technical landscapes through a community of incredible peers. ODCT Fellows explore ideas, meet collaborators, and start, grow, and support companies in the climate tech space. 

On Deck has already launched over 330+ companies that have raised over $250m. We are focusing on climate to create serendipity for truly innovative and scalable climate tech solutions. Ultimately, the Fellowship's goal is to accelerate the speed at which talented people can contribute to the climate tech space through community, content, and structure you’ll need for the next 70+ years of climate innovation.

Who should apply?

The complexity of the problem of climate change has created an unmet demand for talent of all types — from policy wonks to hardware engineers, and from corporate consultants to scientists. All types of people are needed, and all will play a part in building the paramount industry of our times.

During our selection process, we look for three things:

1. Expertise & Experience

  • We look for candidates with world-class experience in tech, entrepreneurship, or deep domain knowledge in climate. You may be a climate scientist, policy expert, investor, founder, or employee at a climate tech company. Alternatively, you are likely an entrepreneur, tech employee or part of the corporate workforce in other industries determined to make a positive impact through a climate tech startup.
  • If you are a startup expert, we look for founder, early employee, or VP/C-suite experience (you may also be an investor or advisor to compelling companies, have audacious side projects, etc.)
  • If you are a climate expert, we look for a background that clearly demonstrates deep expertise in at least one aspect of climate science (PhD or rigorous academic background, experience building climate tech companies, etc.)


2. Timing

  • We prioritize people with a bias for action. This means we look for those building or on the verge of building. Those Fellows tend to gain the most value from our programs.
  • We also prioritize people with a demonstrated commitment and aptitude for advising, investing in, or otherwise supporting early to mid-stage climate tech companies.
  • We welcome all stages of ideas and companies. You may come into the Fellowship openly exploring or looking to latch onto others' ideas. You may come in with a specific idea or MVP/prototype. Or you may have a company that you're actively building and raising more funds for.

3. Spirit of Service

  • We look for individuals who show a "spirit of service". Community is the core value of ODCT — we look for individuals who care about contributing to this community, helping others, and impacting the entire climate tech ecosystem by helping to accelerate the rate at which climate tech companies form and make positive impacts.
What does it cost?

ODClimate Tech is an annual membership that costs $2,990/year ($1,490 for Fellows currently finishing PhD programs). All Fellows have the option to pay in four monthly installments (with no interest or additional charges). We’re also happy to work with your team, if applicable, to expense some or all of the cost through L&D. 

Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to the absolute best talent, no matter their financial situation. We run a need-blind application process and have a limited number of scholarships available thanks to our Access Fund. Information about scholarship applications will be provided to accepted Fellows closer to the kickoff date.

What happens during the Fellowship?

A new Fellowship begins every quarter (every January, April, July, and October). ODCT helps Fellows meet their goals of exploring ideas, meeting collaborators, and starting, growing or advising climate tech companies through networking and serendipitous connections with other talented and committed people in the climate tech space. This community of high caliber scientists, experts and operators will follow you deep into your ever-evolving climate tech career.

The On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship is composed of a mix of events and tools that help Fellows meet and engage with each other. Events range from socials and community events hosted by Fellows to discussions and office hours with leading experts in the climate tech space. Fellows have access to search and filter our internal Directory and Slack community to learn more about your peers and ask or answer questions. We also host climate-specific and cross-program build weekends with special guests and partners. All of this gives our Fellows unique opportunities to build relationships with scientists, founders, and experts across the climate tech space. 

After the initial onboarding weeks of the program, you also have a one year long membership at On Deck which gives you access to the climate tech alumni community slack channel and the directory. You'll have the option to join to renew this membership annually for continued access to all of what our community offers!

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?

Yes. ODClimate Tech will be entirely remote. We’ve spent multiple cohorts mastering the playbook for building remote communities and relationship building online, and will apply the same approach here. This enables participation from all corners of the world. 

Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing some offline programming like dinners, small gatherings, and retreats, but the core Membership will remain a remote-first experience.

What happens after the first year of membership?

After one year of membership, you will have the opportunity to renew your membership. If you choose not to renew your membership, you will lose access to all On Deck platforms, networks, and content.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.

For more information and alumni testimonials, watch our Q&A session and read more about Why Climate Tech is the Paramount Industry of Our Times