Learn, connect, and level up with world-class community builders

On Deck Community Builders (ODCB) is a continuous membership for experienced leaders who want to supercharge their communities by refining their knowledge and working within a vetted peer network.
Applications are closed as we focus on the 2nd cohort.
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4-week immersive onboarding
Top-tier speakers and curriculum
Curated masterminds
Learning tracks based on your career goals

Join a trusted network of Community Builders

Our Fellows are Community Builders, Community Managers, and Heads of Community working at respected companies and are passionate about building long-lasting relationships amongst users, customers, and employees. They come from diverse backgrounds and all share a strong spirit of service.
Lolita Taub
Co-Founder and General Partner
Morgan Brady
Head of Community
Marie Denee
Ian Hathaway
Head of Ecosystems
Kara Cronin
Community Manager
Monica Silvestre
Head of Community
Anuva Kalawar
Director of Community
Gina Gotthilf
Carli Roth
Head of Community
Julia Govberg
Community Manager
Beth McIntyre
Head of Community

A community to fall back upon whenever you need

Enjoy ongoing access to a curated community of world-class leaders to help brainstorm solutions to your unique challenges

Meaningful connections with peers, mentors, and future collaborators

Build long-lasting relationships in an environment that supports serendipity and accountability. The On Deck Directory is also at your disposal to find and connect with other members across our premier communities

Socialize and mingle with the On Deck community

Meet Fellows not only in your cohort, but also across other Fellowships through fun, engaging social events and mixers, which reinforce the spirit of our community and provide even more opportunity for serendipitous connections

Navigate your career through intimate masterminds with trusted peers

Growing alone can be tough. The ODCB community is a place for confidential, meaningful conversations. You’ll get invaluable support from a network of capable peers who understand the challenges you face and want to see you succeed in navigating your career.

Regular check-ins

Join bi-weekly small group conversations with others who are at similar stages of their careers for collective problem-solving

First-hand advice

Find solutions to real-life challenges by calling on this support network of knowledgeable and curious peers

Meaningful connections

Develop deep relationships with talented peers from around the world that will last far beyond your learning groups

Accelerate your career through continuous learning & development led by the best in the industry

Level up your knowledge, skills, and confidence as a Community Builder through education modules focused on specific learning outcomes taught by doers and seasoned industry executives.

Community at the Core of Business Growth Strategy

Set the right direction, build a roadmap, and achieve tangible outcomes for your business
  • Align business success with value proposition
  • Measure and demonstrate success with metrics related to community performance
  • Build your success roadmap
  • Define infrastructure to track success and drive growth

How to Use Technology to Scale Community Intimacy

Use technology to host collective conversations and build trust systems for your community
  • Engineer serendipity through interaction design
  • Develop processes and platform for scalable connections
  • Cultivate ambassadors, leaders, and organizers
  • Create systems to listen to users and collect feedback
Here's what you can expect form our education modules:
Become a competent and well-rounded community leader through intentional and continuous learning based on your career vision
Build up your confidence to strategically communicate and create positive impact on your team and across the broader organization
Keep building on your base of knowledge by mastering valuable and actionable skills

Continuously level up and gain confidence with learning sessions

Acquire specialized frameworks, knowledge, and skills to become a more confident community builder via live sessions and fireside chats with insightful guests and an extensive library of content.

Practical learning opportunities

Regularly expand and refresh your knowledge on a variety of in-demand and relevant topics that you can apply immediately to your job

High-signal sessions with industry’s best

Join intimate deep dives and fireside sessions with top guests

Ever-growing library of content

Enjoy ongoing access to a database of recorded sessions so you can continue to learn on your own schedule
The Social Impact & Responsibility of Community Builders
Sara El-Amine
Head of Public Engagement
Community as a Core Element to Business Success
David Spinks
Applying Community to Data-driven Decisions
Hila Roth
Global Group Manager
Growing Global Communities: Online & Offline
Derek Anderson
Founder & CEO
Startup Grind
Community Building through Brands and Platforms
Laura Nestler
VP Community
Building & Scaling Trust
Casey Fenton
CEO & Founder

Everything you need to accelerate your career for years to come

On Deck Community Builders is a life-long membership with a 4-week immersive onboarding to help you build lasting relationships from Day 1.
Application Process
Fill out the application form to be considered for the ODCB Membership
We review each application, putting special emphasis on our core values
Successful candidates will be invited to an interview with the Program Director
4-Week Onboarding
Welcome aboard! The next 4 weeks is an opportunity to get immersed into the community and learn how to navigate On Deck to achieve your goals for the years ahead!
Attend kick-off and orientation sessions
Meet with your curated connections
Focus on specific learning outcomes with deep-dive education modules
Join community mixers and build meaningful connections with your crew

Life-long Community

The onboarding is just the beginning! After orientation, you'll continue to benefit from ongoing access to everything your ODCB membership has to offer:
Education tracks designed and led by leaders you know and respect
Signature sessions with world-class speakers
Mastermind sessions with trusted peers
Access to the On Deck Directory
Social and networking events
Community-led workshops
Curated connections with other members
Opportunity to explore other options within the On Deck ecosystem

Apply to On Deck Community Builders

ODCB Membership is $2,990/year. If accepted, we’ll work with you to help expense through L&D.
Payment plans available.
Applications are closed as we focus on the 2nd cohort.
Join the waitlist to be the first to know when applications open!

What does a typical month at ODCB look like?

Programming for ODCB is 3-5 hours per week. You can dive into everything or take a step back when you’re too busy. The community will be there for you.


Fireside Chat: Scaling Intimacy with top VP of Community
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Signature Session
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Workshop: Key Metrics for Community Success
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Social Event for Diverse Industries and Verticals
An icon showing connection
Peer to Peer
Grayed out area
1:1 with another Fellow
An icon showing two persons
Curated Connection
Bi-weekly Mastermind
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Peer to Peer
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Workshop: Leveraging No Code to Scale Community
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Reinvent Gatherings: Online to Onlife Events
An icon showing multiple paths
Social Event for Communities in Similar Growth Stages
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Peer to Peer
Q&A: Growing Sustainably with On Deck CEO, David Booth
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Signature Session
1:1 with another Fellow
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Curated Connection
Bi-weekly Mastermind
An icon showing connection
Peer to Peer
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Workshop: Interaction Design to Engineer Serendipity
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Here’s what other Fellows have been saying about their ODCB experience

I got such a crazy amount of value in just 8 weeks. I was inspired by how easy it was to learn what I wanted and meet so many relevant people in such a short time. My favorite bit was the co-creation project at the end where I got to work with my incredible peers to put all our learnings into practice. Our team loved it so much that we are still working on it now!

Alex Gordon-Furse, VP, Sales & Startups, Starup Grind

ODCB was a one of a kind meta-community experience for me. I loved how bringing together a diverse cohort of community builders and engineering serendipity created innumerable learning opportunities.

Pramod Rao, Co-Founder & CEO, Threado

The On Deck Community Builders Fellowship was like a masterclass in community. I learned so much from attending events and participating in conversations with industry experts, but I learned even more by simply being a part of this community of practice —a true community of community builders in motion.

It gave me a fresh perspective, a source of inspiration, and a new and improved network of passionate, talented community builders who are truly changing the game.

Kara Cronin, Community Manager, Facebook

A must for all community builders! Putting myself into the shoes of a member and firsthand experiencing the ODCB playbook was a game-changer. My favorite part was solving for community growth and engagement with other Fellows as a part of a capstone experience. Thank you to On Deck and the ODCB team for this opportunity!

Vasil Azarov, Founder, Growth Blazers

Ready to apply?

On Deck Community Builders is a continuous membership with a 4-week immersive onboarding to help you build lasting relationships from Day 1.
Applications are closed as we focus on the 2nd cohort.
Join the waitlist to be the first to know when applications open!


Who should apply?

This program is designed for highly-curious, passionate, and business-minded people who are serious about building, growing and leveling up their communities. In more detail:

  • Fully committed to growing an existing community for the next 5+ years.
  • Main business or responsibilities involve growing a community, ideally full time or willing to dedicate full time to it (either as a founder, director, or manager).
  • Business-minded individuals who already have initial community traction and are thinking about the next steps to make sure their communities continue to thrive (e.g. sustainable models, building lifelong engagement, identifying the right metrics, etc.)
  • Interested in building high-growth, high-impact communities in terms of reach (how many lives it could touch) or depth (relevance of relationships and interactions).
  • A builder or leader whose community has had some level of success, but also has awareness of the shortcomings and challenges they must tackle in order to grow further.
  • Ambitious and open-minded, willing to learn and share in order to take their existing communities to the next level.
  • Highly curious, and believe that actively participating in a learning community is the best way to accelerate one’s learning curve.
  • Eager to help others and add value first. Thrilled to be both a mentor and a mentee with Fellows who have a range of expertise.
What does it cost?

ODCB is an annual membership that costs $2,990/year. After acceptance, we are happy to support you in working with your team (if working as a Community Builder full-time) to expense some or all of the cost through L&D.

What does a typical week look like as an ODCB Member?

After the four-week onboarding, ODCB will be there for you as long as you need it. This is what a sample week could look like a month or two years from now: 

  • On Monday, there's a fireside chat with a world-class speaker (at ODCB1 we hosted renowned experts from Waze’s Head of Community Hila Roth to Reddit’s VP of Community Laura Nestler). If you are busy, you can attend while you respond to emails or watch the recording later (it will be in the Directory for you to watch at your convenience).
  • On Tuesday, you meet for 60 minutes with your core Masterminds group (a curated group of peers!). You've met twice a month for the past quarter and the intimate conversations you've had have been tremendously helpful in understanding how to grow and engage your community.
  • On Wednesdays, there's no official programming, but you are looking to hire a couple of junior community managers. You set up a couple 1:1s with Fellows across the On Deck network to help you in your search. Maybe you end up hiring someone! 
  • On Thursday, a couple of Fellows scheduled sessions on the latest community platforms and how to measure impact. They look great, but you gave a talk to the community on IRL community events last week. You decide to take it easy and focus on unblocking that big project at work.
  • On Friday, there's a learning session with a top-notch expert (at ODCB1 we had David Spinks talking about his book, Business of Belonging and Daniel Stillman talking about the art of conversations design), but you decide to skip that one as well (and watch the recording later) to attend the social with those in the same industry as you that happens every Friday afternoon. 
  • You're starting the Engagement module next Wednesday and it'll be a bit more intense for the next six weeks.

Even with the most unpredictable professional schedules, ODCB strives to be a malleable community offering you value at every level of engagement. We are there for you and offer support, accountability and flexibility when you need to rest or refocus.

What is ODCB NOT?
  • We are not a traditional course or a bootcamp. We don't assign mandatory homework or have recurring instructor-led programming. Most of the sessions are in the form of fireside chats or one-off workshops. None of the programming is linear, so you can pick and choose what you want to attend without having to worry about being "unprepared" for a session.
  • We are big on peer-to-peer learning. Much of the value comes from other Fellows! Whether this is through the resources shared on Slack, community hosted sessions, or from advice and support given during your recurring small group meetings, there are a ton of ways to learn — not just through official programming.
  • We're a self-paced, choose-your-own-adventure type of buffet, which means you have a ton of autonomy. Outside of a few core events, nothing is mandatory. There is no concrete, one-size-fits-all, week-to-week path. You will be able to make ODCB whatever you want it to be! Some can find this freedom intimidating, but we hope this allows you to pick and choose the programming that's most relevant to what you need and want to learn.
  • We don't expect you to go to everything. We pack a lot into the membership. There are a number of different formats that might pique your interest, some being more interactive than others. It's a lot to take in at once, but we recommend that you prioritize the first 4 weeks to avoid becoming overwhelmed!
Are there scholarships or financing options available?

Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to the absolute best talent, no matter their financial situation.

All Fellows have the option to pay in installments (with no interest or additional charges). We also have a limited number of scholarships available thanks to our Access Fund. Information about scholarship applications is provided to Fellows who have been accepted closer to the kickoff date.

What is the time commitment?

Between attending your sessions (socials, fireside chats, workshops) and making the most of peer-to-peer interactions, you should expect dedicating on average 5 hours a week. Of course, you can put more hours in if you're deriving value from it.

Beyond workshops, ODCB is a choose-your-own-adventure buffet. You get out what you put in: often, the biggest contributors are also the biggest beneficiaries.

Depending on your schedule and interests, you could choose to:

  • Attend everything and “gorge” yourself on knowledge until you explode
  • Tune in at your leisure to attend sessions that interest you
  • Or just search the Directory and connect with interesting people one-on-one

Most ODCB Fellows have full-time jobs, so our programming is designed with that in mind.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes: ODCB will be run entirely remotely. This enables participation from all corners of the world. We’ve mastered the playbook for building remote communities and relationships online and will apply the same approach here. Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing offline programming like dinners, small gatherings, and retreats, but the core Fellowship will remain a remote-first experience.

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?

You can! The sun never sets on ODCB. We offer a wide range of scheduling options for our learning and socializing sessions, so you can find a time that works for you, wherever you are. While most of our live programming mostly happens on U.S. Pacific hours, we will also make sure to host sessions in times suitable for both EMEA and APAC. The majority of sessions are recorded and made available later in case you can’t attend live.

Can I join any track after my onboarding?

Once we have multiple tracks running concurrently, we’ll help you assess which track is most suitable for you via onboarding and goal setting sessions. This will help you clarify what is most suitable to ensure you get the most value out of the track.

Is there a deadline I need to apply by?

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Upon acceptance, you’ll be invited to join the next onboarding cohort. There are currently three onboarding cohorts in place per year. The deadline for the next one is September 12.

What happens after the first year of membership?

After one year of membership, you will have the opportunity to renew your membership. If you choose not to renew your membership, you will lose access to all On Deck platforms, networks, and content.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.